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The Hunt for William Shakespeare - Information Pack

The Story

The Hunt for William Shakespeare was just the right length for the children to get to grips with! They could identify with the roles, making it a pleasure to learn and they really rose to the challenge of performing Shakespeare's own words too. Year 5 and 6 teachers, St Mary's Primary

'The Hunt for William Shakespeare' tells the story of two country boys, Edmund and John, who are enthralled when a troupe of strolling players performs on their village green. They leave their friends, Kate and Anne, and run away to London to find William Shakespeare, the most famous playwright and actor of them all - and to fulfil their dream of becoming actors. But London is a dangerous place and they have all sorts of adventures along the way, ultimately helping to build The Globe Theatre and perform in the opening play.

Within the script there are opportunities for dance/movement set pieces as well the chance to perform Shakespeare excerpts of your choice.

A funny and moving musical that brings the world of Shakespeare's England vividly alive.

Sample script

The music scored very highly on the tingle-o-meter (!) - everyone who heard it loved it instantly. Caroline Welsh, music teacher St Mary's Primary

History of the Show

The Hunt for William Shakespeare is based on the original novel of the same name by BAFTA award-winning children's writer Roy Apps, with a score by Jenny Gould, resident composer with The Young Shakespeare Company. It was premiered at St. Mary's Primary School in Eltham, South London in July 2008, by 120 children from years 5 and 6, and a live band of 7 musicians.

The Music

"The whole experience was a joy." Year 5 and 6 teachers, St Mary's Primary

The Hunt for William Shakespeare contains opportunities for solos, great rousing chorus numbers and some lovely atmospheric underscore and scene change music. Stylistically the show ranges from Elizabethan pastiche through musical theatre to jazzy swing. Your children will love the fun and variety of the music as well as learning a bit of history along the way.


Sample Score

"Now is My Time"

Sample Score

Read more comments from the original cast

"My favourite song was Moving The Theatre. It was fun and a bit scary."


"I thought the play was exciting because it had five villains in it and five heroes in it. This made it unique. The music and lyrics were brilliant and funny at the same time."


"The writing, both script and music, really played to the strengths of the young cast. As the audience left humming the uplifting and memorable final song 'Now is My Time' , it was a fitting and joyous culmination of the term's work..." Dale Rooks, Director, Chichester Festival Youth Theatre

"It was fantastic!! I loved it!!"


"It was one of the best things I'd ever done at school. I felt quite sad when it ended."


"I thought that the music was really fun there was a range of all different types of music. I think that other schools would choose it because it's not like any other production!"


"I liked how the music was bouncy!"


"The best bit was when we sang 'Have You Worked It Out?' and the final song 'Now Is My Time.' This was because they are brilliant songs."


"I hope we do one as good and fun next year."


Performance Packages available

Once you have decided you'd like to perform The Hunt for William Shakespeare at your school, drama club or youth theatre, the standard package we send out will comprise:

In addition to the standard package, we also have the following resources available:

For further details, prices, alternative orchestrations and any other enquiries, please email either Roy or myself:

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